Opening DreamEdit

When the game is finished loading, it would fade in on the Rattman's picture (from the room in portal 2 where you find the portal gun) of Caroline becoming GLaDoS. It would ominously zoom in on Caroline's face, and as it zoomed, the distant voice of Wheatly would Gradually get louder as he said "Okay... I've got an idea... but is is BLOODY dangerous..." And when Caroline's face was almost taking up the entire screen, when Wheatly Says "Here we go" And when all that the player sees is Caroline's screaming face, the Chorus of "Reconstructioning science" cues, and the screen whites out, then is replaced with P-Body the robot going between the same set of portals that is shown on the hard copy cover. With the music still playing, Wheatly would then be shown floating out in space, and then a turret close-up with a GLaDoS voice saying "Goodbye, my Daughter" and then another white-out. Reconstructioning science stops, followed by Cave Johnson's theme being cued. It fades in to the player (In first person) getting up out of a bed in a room with white, plastic walls. The dream is now over.

Prolouge LevelEdit

The room has very little amounts of furniture in it. Only a bed, a painting on the wall (presumably of PoTaToS, sitting beside Chell's signature on her bring your daughter to work day project), and a bedside table. The objects placed on the bedside table are the first clue that the player is in the future. The items are a flash drive labeled "100 terabite", and a kindle, currently showing a newspaper with the headline "Mysterious Robot eyeballs seen through telescope", giving the player the impression that someone has finally noticed Wheatly. The mystery of where the player is is solved when the player notices a window leading out into space, making him/her conclude that the player is in their quarters on a space shuttle that has recently been launched to go look for Wheatly, who had been sighted in space. The player's theory is proved correct when a hologram of a man in a labcoat appears and says: "Hello, Agnes. Congragulations on your grandmother, Chell, becoming the world's oldest living person. Your mission is simple: Go out into space and extract the mysterious robots, then bring them back to the shuttle for analysis."

Part 2 coming soon!

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