The hologram dissapears, revealing a large door behind it. The player is now able to use the controls to move. The player walks through the door, into another room with two doors, one on each side. One door is labeled "Airlock" the other is labeled "space suit containment". If you try to open the airlock, a caption will apear labeled "You cannot leave without wearing a space suit" The player must go into the suit containment room and put on a space suit (The futuristic space suit shown here is chrome silver with headphones built in to a scarf covering the characters mouth and nose.) Once the space suit is on, the character is able to walk out onti space and see Wheatly. Wheatly, with the space core behind him, says "OH YES! FINALLY! I'M GOING HOME! Great timing, too. You see, a bit earlier, I saw a big fireball, headed right for me... well... Us... but, anyway, just take me and the space core...and get us out of here." Just then, the player loses control, and is forced to look at the space shuttle, which gets destroyed by the fireball. The player grabs Wheatly and the Space Core, and falls into the remains of the shuttle. While on the floor, the player sees a panel labeled "Escape Pod". You open the panel and jump in, while Wheatly screams "This place is exploding! Throw me out! Oh wow. I never thought I would say that." The player throws Wheatly outside and jumps back into the pod.

To be concluded.

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