Before the first levelEdit

120 years after the events of portal, a disasterous earthquake strikes Ancino (which is the prime location for aperture science). 9 years later, the earthquake releif is still going on, yet several people have begun to resume their day-to-day lives. One day, an 11 year old Zeddie Johnson (The great-great-grandson of Cave Johnson) spots Wheatly through his telescope and reports his find to NASA, who sends one of their top astronauts (Agnes Redacted) to find him.

What happened to Aperture.Edit

The entire facility is crushed, and GLaDoS is killed. The wall blocking off a sealed wing is destroyed, allowing several failed prototypes of Atlas and P-Body to escape and take over the remains of the laboratory. The head robot, who built a facility control device, learns that the device emits a painful shock every minute when there is not testing going on. He sets a trap in the parking lot at the top of Aperture and discovers the old announcer messages. He programs a robot to replace the announcer, but some robots grow jealous and attack the other robots. Before the next month, a robot war has started, turning the already devostated Aperture into an apocoliptic wasteland.

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