Thermal Compass headphonesEdit

The compass headphones use thermal cameras to detect wether the user is near fire, or a non-heated area, or about to enter a lethally hot place, such as the 1950s Aperture Science defective laser control room. They then use beeping to tell the user if it is hot or cold. The way to understand it is this (Measured in farenhite):

-: Frozen to death

1 beep per half-minute: Lethally cold!

1 beep per ten seconds: Mid-negative degrees

1 beep per five seconds: around 0 degrees

2 beeps per five seconds: around freezing temperature

3 beeps per five seconds: around 60 degrees (average)

4 beeps per five seconds: around 90 degrees

1 beep per second: Extremely hot...but survivable

2 beeps per second: Lethally hot!

+: burned to death

Thermal gas maskEdit

The thermal gas mask is used for the futuristic space suit that Agnes would wear in the first level. It looks like just a piece of cloth that cover's the user's mouth and nose, but it is actually linked to the thermal cameras on the headphones, that can use the thermal imaging to detect poison gas and filter it out.

Portal SuitEdit

The portal suit is silver and red armor that can instantly teleport the user at will, as long as he is within 5 meters of a flat surface at least 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide. The suit emits a black flash on departure and a white flash on arrival.

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